about us

DOZHPAD BAYEGAN Manufacturing and Industrial Company enjoying world’s state-of-the art knowledge and technology as well as a rich treasury of ideas, plans, and experience, and with long term target setting and innovative ideas, commenced its activity with consent from its Board of Directors in February 2000, having as its objective developing, renovating and revolutionizing administrative systems towards realization of long sought objectives and policies of DOZHPAD BAYEGAN Co. as well as providing optimized services to its customers and attaining more achievements. DOZHPAD BAYEGAN Co., established in an area covering four thousands square meters, and employing the best equipments and machinery, and enjoying trained, skilled and committed personnel, has succeeded, thank to ceaseless and generous supports from its precious customers, to produce and supply, in departments of consultation, design and expertise as well as sales and after-sales services, its products including mobile and fixed, fixed sliding, and vertical rotating archive shelving systems, accessories of archive shelving as well as exhibition equipments, partition, interior decoration and office furniture of highest production quality for your convenience and fulfillment of your requirements.
Please note that our original products must bear our specific trade mark, and are only supplied at Central Sales Department of this production unit, and at exclusive agencies thereof located in Tehran and other cities.
We hope we can accomplish our heavy mission by blending the procedures established by the premiers in this industry with state-of-art technology and knowledge in such a way that we could contribute to the development of the art and industry of shelving production and equipping with administrative systems. In our relentless quest for your convenience in administrative, commercial and residential environments, we wish for support and assistance from you, so that we could make our entry into international market and win another glory for Iran.
We should like to express our gratitude for all our customers, partners and friends who guide us towards the Company’s targets.

Managing Director